Glymed Plus Stem Cell Power Serum

Glymed Plus Stem Cell Power Serum
Apr 2017

People often ask me which skin care products do I use? My answer: Glymed Plus Stem Cell Power Serum! This product provides an instant power surge to the skin cells extending the life force of younger acting skin.

Cell Science

Cell Science nourishes, balances and helps renew skin at the cellular level with a unique blend of the nurturing and protecting elements of nature and the wisdom and technology of science.


Clinically proven high-tech plant cell culture, Utweiler Spätlauber Apple resets aging skin at the cellular level. Stem Cell Power Serum also contains four powerful aminopeptides to help stimulate new cell growth and reprogram aging skin fibroblasts to increase collagen production.

This Product is Recommended For: All skin types.


5 Years Younger

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