Chemical Peels

chemical peel
Aug 2017

Five Years Younger Facial Spa has taken a safe approach to resurfacing your skin. I call it baby steps! I work with and sell mild exfoliating strength products. I believe resurfacing is the only true way to remove dead skin cells to reveal your new fresh skin. By using mild strength products , the process […]


Medical Microdermabrasion

Medical Microdermabrasion
Jul 2017

Five Years Younger Facial Spa will teach and educate you on your skin. I would like to explain the layers of your skin. First during your medical microdermabrasion the epidermis dead cells are gently removed using microdermabrasion and suction allowing the new fresh skin underneath to surface. This thorough exfoliation of dead skin is an […]


Dermaplane Facial

Glymed Plus Stem Cell Power Serum
Apr 2017

Why Get a Dermaplane Facial in Las Vegas? A dermaplane facial smooths the surface of your skin. During this treatment, a scalpel runs along your face, removing the dead skin cells and peach fuzz that result in uneven facial texture. The moment your facial is finished, you’ll be able to feel the result: silky skin. […]